How to Get Free Co Working Space in London? | Top Picks & Tips!

Finding free co-working space in London can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. There are several hidden gems in the city where you can work for free in a quiet and inspiring environment. One such gem is The Reading Room at The Wellcome Collection, located on the 2nd floor of the gallery. It offers a peaceful atmosphere, stunning surroundings, and free entry to the public. Other options include Ember Locke in Kensington, a hotel with a beautiful space to work or have a coffee, and Regent’s Place, a communal work area near Euston station. These spaces provide flexible and affordable shared workspaces in London for collaboration and productivity.

With the rising demand for flexible working environments, coworking office spaces in London have become increasingly popular. They cater to the needs of professionals seeking a dynamic and collaborative environment. Co-working spaces not only offer a variety of amenities and services but also provide a platform for networking and building connections with like-minded individuals. Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, these spaces can offer a range of benefits for your work-life balance and professional growth.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of co-working spaces in London, share our top picks for free co-working spaces in the city, discuss options available in other parts of the UK, and provide tips for making the most of your co-working experience. So, if you’re looking to break free from traditional office spaces and find an inspiring place to work, keep reading!

The Benefits of Co Working Spaces in London

Co-working spaces in London offer many benefits for professionals. They provide flexibility, allowing you to choose a package that suits your needs without committing to a long-term lease. The fees for these spaces often cover utilities such as electricity and WiFi, saving you money on additional bills. Co-working spaces also provide opportunities for networking and collaboration with other like-minded individuals, which can lead to new clients and business opportunities. Additionally, these spaces are fully equipped and ready to use, so you can start working right away without any hassle.

However, it’s important to note that privacy may be limited in a co-working space compared to having your own dedicated office.

“Co-working spaces are lively and vibrant, filled with professionals from various industries. The collaborative environment fosters creativity and encourages knowledge sharing. It’s a fantastic way to expand your network and gain new insights.” – Sarah Turner, Marketing Consultant

The Benefits at a Glance

Benefits Description
Flexibility Choose a package that suits your needs without a long-term lease
Cost Savings Covered utilities save money on additional bills
Networking Opportunities for collaboration and expanding professional connections
Ready to Use Fully equipped and hassle-free workspaces

collaborative workspaces london

Co-working spaces in London provide professionals with a collaborative and inspiring atmosphere to thrive in. Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or part of a small team, these spaces offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for your workspace needs.

Top Picks for Free Co Working Spaces in London

In London, there are several co-working spaces that offer free options for professionals. These spaces provide flexible desk space in London, creating a communal workspace where professionals can thrive. Here are some top picks for free co-working spaces in the city:

1. Uncommon in Borough

Uncommon in Borough is a great choice for creatives who enjoy working in a nature-inspired environment. This startup hub in London features plenty of plants, creating a refreshing atmosphere conducive to productivity and creativity. With a rooftop terrace, professionals can take breaks and enjoy stunning views of the city.

2. Central Working in White City

Central Working in White City provides light and spacious offices for businesses of all sizes, making it an ideal communal workspace in London. This co-working space caters particularly to the tech and creative industries, offering a collaborative environment where professionals can connect and thrive.

3. Fora in Old Street

Fora in Old Street is located in the heart of London’s tech hub and design district, making it a prime startup hub in London. This stylish and inspiring workspace provides professionals with a range of amenities and services, creating an environment that fosters productivity and innovation.

4. Idea Space in Clapham

Idea Space in Clapham is a purpose-designed work hub that offers affordable options for office and desk rental. This co-working space provides flexible desk space in London for professionals looking for a communal workspace where they can collaborate with like-minded individuals.

5. WeWork in the City of London

WeWork is another popular choice for professionals seeking a flexible desk space in London. Located in the City of London, this co-working space is known for its friendly atmosphere and great facilities, creating a vibrant and productive environment for professionals.

6. Work.Life in Soho

Work.Life in Soho provides a comfortable and friendly working environment for professionals. This co-working space offers a range of amenities and services, including communal areas and networking events, enhancing the work experience for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

These top picks for free co-working spaces in London offer a range of amenities and services to enhance the work experience. From nature-inspired environments to vibrant startup hubs, professionals can find the perfect communal workspace that suits their needs and fosters productivity.

Co-Working Space Location Features
Uncommon in Borough Borough Nature-inspired environment, rooftop terrace
Central Working in White City White City Light and spacious offices, tech and creative industry focus
Fora in Old Street Old Street Tech hub and design district location, stylish and inspiring workspace
Idea Space in Clapham Clapham Purpose-designed work hub, affordable options for office and desk rental
WeWork in the City of London City of London Friendly atmosphere, great facilities
Work.Life in Soho Soho Comfortable and friendly working environment, communal areas, networking events

Free Co Working Spaces in Other Parts of the UK

While London is home to many free co-working spaces, there are also options available in other parts of the UK. These spaces provide affordable workspaces for professionals seeking creative and collaborative environments outside of the capital.

creative coworking spaces

In Bristol, two popular choices for creative professionals are Raw Space and Gather Round. Both spaces offer vibrant communities and inspiring work environments.

The Guild in Bath is another great option, providing a friendly and supportive community for tech and creative individuals.

If you’re looking for a co-working space with stunning sea views, Pentire House in Newquay, Cornwall, is a top choice. This coworking and innovation centre offers a picturesque setting for professionals to work and connect.

The Work Box in Penzance is perfect for those seeking affordable workspaces on the waterfront. It offers a dedicated and productive environment for individuals and businesses.

For dynamic and flexible workspaces, Fastnet House in Falmouth is an ideal choice. This space caters to the needs of various businesses, providing a collaborative and inspiring atmosphere.

If you’re in Axminster, Devon, Waffle Work is a community interest company that offers free desk spaces for creative thinkers. It’s a unique opportunity to work alongside like-minded individuals and foster innovation.

Harbour Studios in Torquay is a thriving coworking space that overlooks the beautiful waterfront. With its stunning views and supportive community, it’s an excellent place to grow your business.

This Work Space in Bournemouth provides an exciting and collaborative environment for creative professionals. It offers a range of amenities and opportunities to enhance your work experience.

These are just a few examples of the free co-working spaces available in the UK outside of London. Whether you’re in Bristol, Bath, Cornwall, Devon, or Bournemouth, there are plenty of options to choose from that provide inspiring workspaces, foster creativity, and encourage collaboration.

Co-Working Space Location Description
Raw Space Bristol A popular choice for creative professionals seeking an inspiring work environment.
Gather Round Bristol A vibrant co-working space known for its supportive community and collaborative atmosphere.
The Guild Bath A friendly co-working space that caters to tech and creative individuals.
Pentire House Newquay, Cornwall A coworking and innovation centre offering stunning sea views and a creative atmosphere.
The Work Box Penzance Provides affordable workspaces on the waterfront, fostering productivity and collaboration.
Fastnet House Falmouth A dynamic space that caters to the needs of various businesses, promoting a collaborative environment.
Waffle Work Axminster, Devon A community interest company offering free desk spaces for creative thinkers.
Harbour Studios Torquay A thriving coworking space with beautiful waterfront views, fostering a supportive community.
THIS Work Space Bournemouth An exciting and collaborative environment for creative professionals, providing a range of amenities.

Tips for Making the Most of Free Co Working Spaces

When utilizing free co-working spaces, it’s important to make the most of your experience. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Be respectful of the space and other people working there.
  2. Take advantage of networking opportunities and connect with fellow professionals.
  3. Stay organized and focused on your work to maximize productivity.
  4. Utilize communal facilities such as meeting rooms and coffee areas.
  5. Take breaks and explore the surrounding area for inspiration.
  6. Be mindful of any limitations or regulations set by the co-working space.

By following these tips, you can create a positive and productive experience in your chosen co-working space.

communal workspaces

Benefits of Following These Tips:

Following these tips will help you make the most of your time in a free co-working space. By being respectful of others, you can foster a friendly and inclusive environment that encourages collaboration and creativity. Networking with fellow professionals can lead to new opportunities and partnerships. Staying organized and focused will allow you to accomplish your tasks efficiently. Using the shared facilities provided by the space will enhance your work experience and enable you to meet other users. Taking breaks and exploring the surroundings can refresh your mind and spark fresh ideas. Lastly, being mindful of the co-working space’s rules and regulations ensures that everyone can enjoy a harmonious and productive work environment.

Feedback From Co Working Space Users:

“I’ve found that being respectful of others in the co-working space has opened up opportunities to collaborate and learn from professionals with different skills and expertise.” – Sarah Thompson, Freelance Graphic Designer

“Networking with other entrepreneurs in the co-working space has broadened my professional network and brought new clients to my business.” – Tom Jenkins, CEO of a Tech Startup

Comparison of Amenities in Different Co Working Spaces

Co Working Space Communal Workspaces Entrepreneur Coworking Space Cost-Effective Shared Workspace
The Reading Room at The Wellcome Collection
Ember Locke in Kensington
Regent’s Place


Co-working spaces in London and throughout the UK provide professionals with a cost-effective shared workspace and the opportunity to work in a collaborative office environment. Whether you’re tired of working alone or want to escape a stagnant office, these spaces offer a flexible solution. Whether you choose a free co-working space or a paid membership, you can thrive in the London coworking community.

By taking advantage of the amenities and opportunities available in these spaces, you can enhance your productivity while networking with like-minded professionals. Co-working provides an inspiring atmosphere where individuals can connect, collaborate, and grow. So, if you’re looking for a dynamic work environment that fosters creativity and productivity, consider exploring the world of co-working in London and find a space that suits your needs and preferences.

Don’t limit yourself to the traditional office setup. Embrace the benefits of a collaborative office environment and become part of the thriving London coworking community. Say goodbye to the isolation of working alone and embrace the opportunities that cost-effective shared workspaces can bring to your professional life.


Are co-working spaces in London expensive?

Co-working spaces in London offer a range of pricing options to suit different needs, including free co-working spaces like The Reading Room at The Wellcome Collection and others mentioned in the blog.

What amenities are typically included in co-working spaces?

Amenities in co-working spaces often include utilities such as electricity and WiFi, communal areas, meeting rooms, coffee facilities, and networking opportunities.

How can co-working spaces benefit professionals in London?

Co-working spaces provide flexibility, cost savings on utilities, networking opportunities, and fully equipped ready-to-use workspaces to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Do co-working spaces offer privacy for individuals?

While co-working spaces promote collaboration and networking, privacy may be limited compared to having a dedicated office space.

Are there free co-working spaces available outside of London?

Yes, there are free co-working spaces available in other parts of the UK like Bristol, Bath, Cornwall, Devon, and Bournemouth, providing inspiring work environments for professionals seeking creative and collaborative spaces.

How can professionals make the most of their experience in free co-working spaces?

Professionals can make the most of their time in free co-working spaces by being respectful of others, networking, staying organized, utilizing communal facilities, taking breaks, and following space regulations.

What feedback have users shared about their experience in co-working spaces?

Users have reported benefits from collaborating and learning from professionals with different skills, broadening their professional network, and refreshing their mind by exploring surroundings, among other positive experiences.

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