Top 10 Startup Business Experts in the UK

London, one of the world’s leading financial and business hubs, is a hotspot for startups and entrepreneurs.

Navigating this competitive landscape can be challenging, but the right advisor can make all the difference.

The team at the UK Entrepreneur Blog has done a collaborative list post for our blog where they’ve done some research about the UK’s best business experts whom you may know and not know.

Here are the top 10 startup business experts, who have consistently proven their worth in steering startups towards success.

Top 10 Startup Business Experts in the UK

1. Fernando Raymond

Fernando Raymond

Founder of ClickDo and SeekaHost

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Fernando Raymond is a leading name in the digital marketing and entrepreneurial community in London. As the founder of ClickDo and SeekaHost, he has built a reputation for his expertise in helping UK and international businesses achieve rapid growth through innovative digital marketing strategies.

His companies offer a comprehensive suite of services, including SEO, online marketing, web hosting, and domain registration, making him a one-stop solution for startups looking to establish a strong online presence. Fernando’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape and his commitment to client success has made him a sought-after advisor for startups aiming to scale their operations effectively.

2. Julie Meyer

Julie Meyer

Founder & CEO of Ariadne Capital

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Julie Meyer is a prominent figure in the European venture capital community. She founded Ariadne Capital to provide investment and strategic support to startups. Her extensive experience in mentoring tech startups and her role in creating a network of influential entrepreneurs have made her a pivotal advisor for many budding enterprises. Julie’s insights into market trends and her network-building prowess help startups secure the right partnerships and investment opportunities.

3. Sherry Coutu

Sherry Coutu

Angel Investor and Founder of Founders4Schools

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Sherry Coutu is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor known for her contributions to the startup ecosystem in London. She founded Founders4Schools, an initiative that connects students with entrepreneurs to inspire the next generation of business leaders. Her deep understanding of scaling businesses and her extensive investment portfolio make her an invaluable advisor for startups seeking to navigate the complexities of growth and expansion.

4. Eileen Burbidge

Eileen Burbidge

Partner at Passion Capital

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Eileen Burbidge is a partner at Passion Capital, one of the UK’s leading early-stage venture capital firms. Her background in product management and operations at companies like Yahoo!, Skype, and Apple has equipped her with a unique perspective on startup growth. Eileen’s focus on providing hands-on support and her keen eye for promising startups have made her a trusted advisor in the London startup scene.

5. Brent Hoberman

Brent Hoberman

Co-Founder of and Founders Factory

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Brent Hoberman is a veteran entrepreneur known for co-founding, a successful online travel and leisure retailer. His latest venture, Founders Factory, is a global startup accelerator and venture studio that partners with corporates to help startups grow. Brent’s extensive experience in scaling businesses and his innovative approach to startup incubation provide invaluable guidance to entrepreneurs.

6. Rishi Khosla

Rishi Khosla

Co-Founder & CEO of OakNorth Bank

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Rishi Khosla co-founded OakNorth Bank, a leading fintech company focused on providing business loans to small and medium-sized enterprises. His expertise in financial services and his experience in building a successful fintech startup from the ground up make him a go-to advisor for financial technology startups and those looking to secure funding.

7. Reshma Sohoni

Reshma Sohoni

Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Seedcamp

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Reshma Sohoni is the co-founder and managing partner of Seedcamp, a European seed fund that has invested in over 300 companies. Her role at Seedcamp involves mentoring startups across various stages of development, providing them with the necessary tools and advice to succeed. Reshma’s extensive network and her commitment to nurturing early-stage startups have positioned her as a key advisor in the London startup ecosystem.

8. Michael Acton Smith

Michael Acton Smith

Co-Founder of Mind Candy and Calm

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Michael Acton Smith is a renowned entrepreneur best known for creating Mind Candy, the company behind the popular children’s game Moshi Monsters. More recently, he co-founded Calm, a leading app for meditation and sleep. Michael’s creative approach to business and his success in building engaging consumer products make him an inspiring advisor for startups in the digital and wellness sectors.

9. Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood

Co-Founder of Unruly

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Sarah Wood co-founded Unruly, a video ad tech company that was acquired by News Corp. She is known for her innovative approach to digital advertising and her dedication to creating a positive company culture. Sarah’s experience in scaling a tech company and her insights into the digital advertising industry provide valuable guidance to startups looking to make their mark in the tech space.

10. Alex Depledge

Alex Depledge

Co-Founder of and CEO of Resi

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Alex Depledge co-founded, a platform for booking domestic cleaners, which was later acquired by Helpling. She is currently the CEO of Resi, a company that provides architectural services for home renovations. Alex’s experience in building successful consumer platforms and her focus on disrupting traditional industries with tech solutions make her a powerful advisor for startups aiming to innovate and scale.

These advisors have not only achieved remarkable success in their respective fields but also continue to contribute to the growth and success of new startups in London. Their combined expertise, networks, and dedication to fostering innovation make them invaluable resources for any entrepreneur looking to make a significant impact.

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