Carpenter Day Rate UK | How Much Is It?

Welcome to our guide on carpenter day rates in the UK. If you’re planning to hire a carpenter or joiner, knowing the average costs is key. It helps with budgeting and getting good value for your money.

So, what’s the average cost of a carpenter per day in the UK? On average, they charge £195 for a day’s work. But, this can change based on location and job complexity.

In places like London and the South East, where costs of living are high, carpenters charge more. You might pay about £270 per day for their services.

Carpenters in the UK usually charge between £16 and £40 an hour. Their rates can change based on experience, skills, and project type.

The day rates we talk about are just averages. The actual cost can differ based on specific situations. Now, you know about carpenter day rates, let’s look at what affects them.

Next, we’ll cover the factors that change carpenter day rates in the UK. Knowing these will help you understand pricing better and make smart choices for your carpentry needs.

Factors Affecting Carpenter Day Rates in the UK

When hiring a carpenter, knowing what affects their day rates is key. The cost can change based on several important factors:


The place you’re in greatly affects carpenter prices. In places like London and the South East, where living costs are high, carpenters charge more. This is because there’s a big demand for skilled workers and business costs are higher.

Type of Business

Carpenters’ rates vary by their business type. Big carpentry firms might charge more to cover their big expenses. Local carpenters might offer lower prices since they have less overhead. Always ask carpenters about their pricing and what they include in their work.

Material Quality and Finish

The cost of carpentry also depends on the materials and finish you want. Choosing high-quality materials or detailed work can raise the price. It takes more time and skill. If you want a perfect finish or specific designs, it could also affect the cost. Talk to the carpenter about what you need and your budget to find a good balance.

Knowing these factors helps you plan your budget better. Always get quotes from different local carpenters to compare prices and services before you decide.

Factors Affecting Carpenter Day Rates in the UK

How to Budget for Skilled Carpentry Services?

Planning a carpentry project means setting a budget to get the best value. Here are some tips to help you budget for skilled carpentry services. You’ll find an affordable carpenter fee that fits your needs.

1. Get Multiple Quotes

Before hiring a carpenter, get at least three quotes from different professionals. This lets you compare prices and services. It helps you make a smart choice and find the best carpenter rates.

2. Ask About Hidden Charges

When asking for quotes, make sure to ask about hidden charges. It’s important to know the total cost, including extra charges for accessories or materials. This way, you won’t face unexpected costs and your budget will stay on track.

3. Check Qualifications and Associations

Check the carpenter’s qualifications, certifications, and experience. Look for carpenters with the right skills and a good track record. Also, consider carpenters in reputable associations. This shows their dedication to quality work.

By following these tips, you can find skilled carpentry services at a good price. You’ll get high-quality work without breaking the bank.

budget for skilled carpentry services

Average Costs for Common Carpentry Jobs

Carpentry services often have an hourly rate or charges per day. Here are some average costs for common carpentry jobs in the UK:

Hanging a Door

Hanging a door is a common task. It usually takes 2 to 3 hours. Carpenters charge between £20 to £40 per hour. So, the total cost is £50 to £120.

Fitting or Replacing Sash Windows

For sash windows, carpenters charge £150 to £250 a day. This includes the work and skill needed for proper installation and smooth operation.

Installing Fitted Wardrobes

Installing fitted wardrobes varies in cost. The price depends on size, design, and material. Bespoke wardrobes cost £800 to £3000. Flat-packed ones are cheaper, from £500 to £1500, not including installation.

Installing a Loft Ladder and Hatch

Installing a loft ladder and hatch makes getting to your loft easier. This job costs about £200, not including extra materials.

Average Costs for Common Carpentry Jobs

Average Costs for Common Carpentry Jobs
Carpentry Job Average Time Average Hourly Rate Estimated Cost
Hanging a Door 2 to 3 hours £20 to £40 per hour £50 to £120
Fitting or Replacing Sash Windows £150 to £250 per day
Installing Fitted Wardrobes £800 to £3000 (bespoke)
£500 to £1500 (flat-packed)
Installing a Loft Ladder and Hatch £200 (excluding materials)

These costs are just averages and can change. Factors like location, job complexity, and the carpenter can affect the price. Always ask for quotes from several carpenters to understand the costs for your project.

Tips for Cost-Effective Carpentry Services

When looking for a skilled carpenter, the cost is key. Here are some tips to get the best value for your money:

1. Consider self-employed carpenters:

Self-employed carpenters usually charge less. They have fewer costs than big carpentry firms. This lets them offer great carpentry at lower prices. Choosing a self-employed carpenter can save you money without losing quality.

2. Direct communication:

Talking directly to the carpenter doing the work is vital. It ensures you both understand each other. This way, you can share your budget and needs clearly. The carpenter can then give you a precise quote that fits your budget.

3. Check for additional employees or contractors:

Some projects need more people to finish quickly. Always ask about extra workers in the price. This makes sure the quote includes everything needed, avoiding unexpected costs later.

These tips help you pick affordable carpentry services wisely. Whether it’s for home renovations or a woodworking project, finding skilled carpenters at good prices is doable.

Factors Reflection
Self-employed carpenters Lower overhead costs, competitive prices
Direct communication Clear requirements, accurate quotes
Additional employees or contractors No surprise costs

Carpenters and Joiners Rates in London

In London, knowing the rates for carpenters and joiners is key. The city’s unique situation means rates are often higher than in other UK areas. Let’s look at what you might pay for carpenter services in the city.

Daily Rates for Carpenters

London carpenters usually charge between £150 and £380 a day. The price can change based on their experience, the project’s complexity, and their special skills.

Hourly Rates for Carpenters

For hourly work, carpenters in London might ask for £20 to £70 an hour. This is often used for smaller tasks that need to be done quickly.

Factors Influencing Rates

Many things affect carpenter rates in London. These include:

  • Experience: More experienced carpenters charge more because of their skills and quality work.
  • Specialization: The type of carpentry needed can change the price. This includes making bespoke furniture or detailed joinery.
  • Location: The cost of living and carpentry demand in London affect what carpenters charge.

Even though carpenter rates in London might seem high, they often show the quality and skills of the workers. Sometimes, paying a bit more can mean getting the best work for your project.


When looking at carpenter pricing, several factors come into play. Location and the type of business are key. In the UK, carpenters or joiners charge about £195 per day on average. However, this price can change.

To get the best deal, it’s smart to ask for quotes from local carpenters and compare their prices. This way, you can find the best value for your money.

Price is crucial, but so is the carpenter’s qualifications and memberships. Choosing a skilled professional means you get quality work and peace of mind.

For tasks like hanging doors or fitting wardrobes, costs vary from £50 to £3000. Doing some homework and getting detailed quotes helps you understand what to expect for these jobs.

Also, remember that carpenter rates in London are usually higher than in other UK areas. This is because living costs are higher and there’s a big demand for skilled workers in the city.


What is the average day rate for a carpenter in the UK?

The average day rate for a carpenter in the UK is £195. This rate can be higher in London and the South East.

How much does a carpenter charge per hour in the UK?

Carpenters in the UK charge between £16 to £40 per hour.

How do carpenter rates vary by location?

Carpenter rates change based on location. They are higher in London and the South East.

Are there different rates for different types of carpentry businesses?

Yes, different carpentry businesses have varying rates. It’s key to check with individual carpenters.

Does the pricing of a carpentry job depend on the quality of materials?

Yes, the price of a carpentry job can depend on the materials’ quality and the finish desired.

Should I get multiple quotes before hiring a carpenter?

Yes, getting at least three quotes is wise. This lets you compare prices and services.

What should I consider when getting a quote from a carpenter?

Ensure the quote includes any extra charges and accessories needed for the project.

What qualifications and associations should I look for in a carpenter?

Look for the carpenter’s qualifications and certifications. Also, check their experience. Membership in reputable associations is good too.

How long does it take and how much does it cost to hang a door?

Hanging a door usually takes 2 to 3 hours. The cost starts from £50.

How much does it cost to fit or replace sash windows?

Fitting or replacing sash windows costs carpenters and joiners about £195 a day on average.

How much does it cost to install fitted wardrobes?

Fitted wardrobes can cost between £800 to £3000, depending on if they are bespoke or flat-packed.

How much does it cost to install a loft ladder and hatch?

Installing a loft ladder and hatch costs around £200, plus materials.

Should I consider hiring self-employed carpenters for lower prices?

Yes, self-employed carpenters might offer lower prices due to lower overhead costs.

Is direct communication with the carpenter important?

Yes, talking directly with the carpenter doing the job is crucial. It ensures clear communication and avoids misunderstandings.

Should I check if additional employees or contractors are needed for the project?

Yes, some projects might need more hands. Make sure the quote covers this.

What are the average carpenter rates in London?

In London, carpenter rates are £20 to £70 per hour and £150 to £380 per day.

Are carpenter rates higher in London compared to other parts of the UK?

Yes, London has higher carpenter rates than other UK areas.

How can I find carpenter rates in my local area?

Get several quotes and consider the carpenter’s qualifications and associations.

How much do common carpentry jobs cost on average?

Common carpentry jobs like hanging doors or installing wardrobes cost from £50 to £3000.

How can I find cost-effective carpentry services?

Look for skilled carpenters offering competitive rates for their work.

What are the average carpenter rates in London?

In London, carpenter rates are £20 to £70 per hour and £150 to £380 per day.

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