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Welcome to our article where we will be discussing the cost of KFC franchise opportunities in the United Kingdom. KFC, short for Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a global fast-food giant with over 20,000 restaurants worldwide. In the UK, 95% of KFC establishments are franchised, and the company aims to have 98% of its outlets globally franchised. If you’re considering venturing into the fast-food industry and are interested in owning a KFC franchise, it’s important to understand the costs involved and the opportunities that await you. Let’s explore how much is KFC Franchise Cost in UK.

How to Start a KFC Franchise in the UK?

Starting a KFC franchise in the UK requires more than just a financial investment. KFC looks for franchisees who have experience in the food and beverage or hospitality industries, entrepreneurial flair, and the necessary business and operational skills to run a fast-food outlet successfully. In addition, they seek individuals with the ambition to have multiple KFC outlets, contributing to the growth and expansion of the brand.

To begin the application process, interested individuals need to fill in an enquiry form on the KFC website. This form allows potential franchise owners to express their interest and provides KFC with the necessary information to evaluate and consider their application.

Once the enquiry form is submitted, KFC conducts regular audits to ensure that franchise outlets maintain the company’s high standards. These audits cover various aspects, such as food preparation, cleanliness, customer satisfaction, and overall brand compliance. By conducting these audits, KFC ensures that all franchise outlets provide a consistent and exceptional experience to customers.

Franchisees are responsible for paying a royalty fee and an advertising fee. The royalty fee is based on a percentage of the gross revenue generated by the franchise outlet, while the advertising fee contributes to KFC’s national and local advertising campaigns.

“Starting a KFC franchise in the UK is an exciting opportunity for individuals with a passion for the food industry and a drive for success. With the support and recognition of a globally recognized brand like KFC, aspiring franchise owners can establish themselves in the competitive fast-food market and reap the rewards of their hard work.”

Key Requirements for Starting a KFC Franchise in the UK:

  • Experience in the food and beverage or hospitality industries.
  • Entrepreneurial flair and business acumen.
  • Operational skills to run a fast-food outlet.
  • Ambition to have multiple KFC outlets.

Evidently, owning a KFC franchise in the UK goes beyond financial investment. KFC seeks individuals who can contribute to the brand’s growth and uphold its quality standards. Aspiring franchise owners should possess the necessary industry experience, entrepreneurial qualities, and the ambition to expand their franchise portfolio, making them ideal candidates for KFC franchise ownership opportunities.

Financial Aspects of Owning a KFC Franchise in the UK

Owning a KFC franchise in the UK involves a significant financial commitment. In addition to the upfront franchise fee of approximately £38,000, aspiring franchise owners must have £5 million in assets and £2 million in liquid capital. This financial requirement ensures that franchisees have the necessary resources to successfully operate and grow their KFC outlets.

The total investment for a KFC franchise in the UK can range between £1.2 million and £2.5 million. This investment covers various aspects such as location acquisition, restaurant construction, equipment purchase, marketing, and initial inventory. The specific costs can vary depending on factors such as the franchise type, size of the outlet, and geographic location.

Despite the high initial investment, owning a KFC franchise in the UK offers the potential for significant profit and returns on investment. KFC is a well-established and successful brand with a strong customer base. The popularity of KFC’s menu and the widespread demand for its products contribute to the profitability of its franchisees.

Strong candidates looking to invest in a KFC franchise in the UK are typically able to secure funding from banks. KFC’s proven track record and success as a business make it an attractive investment opportunity. Many banks view KFC franchises as low-risk ventures due to the brand’s global recognition, consistent performance, and strong support system.

KFC also provides ongoing support to franchisees to maximize their profitability. Franchise owners benefit from the company’s extensive training programs, continuous operational support, and marketing initiatives. The KFC franchise network encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing among franchisees, creating a supportive environment that fosters success.

In summary, while owning a KFC franchise in the UK requires a significant financial investment, it also presents an opportunity for substantial profit and returns. The brand’s global recognition, strong customer base, and comprehensive support system make KFC an attractive choice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the fast food industry.

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KFC Franchise Financial Overview

Franchise Investment Amount (£)
Upfront Franchise Fee Approx. £38,000
Minimum Assets £5 million
Liquid Capital Requirement £2 million
Total Investment Range £1.2 million – £2.5 million

Support and Training for KFC Franchise Owners in the UK

KFC is dedicated to the success of its franchisees and provides comprehensive support and training to ensure their prosperity in the business. When you become a KFC franchise owner in the UK, you will have access to a range of resources and assistance that will help you navigate the franchising process and operate your KFC outlet effectively.

One of the key aspects of KFC’s support system is the assignment of a dedicated support person to each franchise owner. This individual will be your go-to contact throughout the entire process, offering hands-on training and guidance.

Franchisees are required to attend a seven-week intensive training program, which includes orientation, online courses, and on-the-job training. This comprehensive training equips franchise owners with the necessary skills and knowledge to run a successful KFC outlet.

In addition to the initial training, KFC franchisees are expected to engage in ongoing education through the company’s Learning Zone. This online platform provides access to a wide range of courses that can enhance your business acumen and keep you updated on the latest industry trends.

KFC recognizes the importance of maintaining product quality, brand compliance, and exceptional customer service. To support franchise owners in these areas, KFC has central teams in place to provide guidance and assistance. These teams work closely with franchisees to ensure that KFC’s high standards are consistently met.

Financial assistance for KFC franchise ownership opportunities is typically available from banks, as KFC has a solid reputation and a proven track record of success as a global fast-food brand. This support can help aspiring franchise owners secure the necessary funding to launch their KFC venture.

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Franchise Support and Training at a Glance

Support and Training Details
Franchisor Support Person Assigned dedicated support person for training and guidance
Seven-Week Training Program Orientations, online courses, and on-the-job training
Learning Zone Access to online courses for continuous development
Central Support Teams Assistance in maintaining product quality, brand compliance, and customer service
Financial Assistance Bank loans available due to KFC’s successful track record

As a KFC franchise owner in the UK, you can rest assured knowing that you will have the support and training you need to succeed. From start to finish, KFC is committed to helping you navigate the franchising process and maximize your business potential.


Opening a KFC franchise in the UK may come with a high initial investment cost, but it offers one of the best franchise opportunities in the country. With its globally recognized brand and loyal customer base, KFC provides a solid foundation for success. Despite the financial commitment, KFC goes above and beyond to support its franchisees with extensive training and ongoing assistance.

Aspiring franchise owners must meet specific requirements and complete an application process to be considered for a KFC franchise in the UK. However, the potential for substantial profit and returns makes it an attractive venture. If you’re interested in becoming a KFC franchise owner, you can reach out to KFC directly through their website for more information and explore the opportunities available.

With a KFC franchise, you can tap into the popularity and success of this iconic fast-food chain, giving you the chance to thrive in the UK’s competitive market. Don’t let the franchise costs deter you, as the rewards and benefits of owning a KFC franchise can be well worth the investment.


What is the cost of a KFC franchise in the UK?

The upfront franchise fee for a KFC franchise in the UK is approximately £38,000. However, the total investment can range between £1.2 million and £2.5 million.

What kind of support and training is provided to KFC franchise owners in the UK?

KFC franchise owners in the UK receive extensive support and training, including a dedicated support person, seven weeks of intensive training, online courses, and access to the company’s Learning Zone. There are also central teams that provide support in ensuring product quality, brand compliance, and customer service.

Is owning a KFC franchise in the UK profitable?

While the initial investment is high, owning a KFC franchise in the UK has the potential for significant profit and returns. KFC is a well-established and successful brand with a strong customer base.

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