What is Blooket and How to Use Blooket Play?

Blooket is an innovative educational platform that brings the thrill of gamification to the classroom. This engaging blooket game combines blooket quizzes and blooket homework assignments with exciting blooket game modes, allowing students to compete on their devices while fostering memorable learning experiences.

Designed for blooket classrooms, Blooket empowers teachers to create custom blooket quizzes or import existing question sets, tailoring the blooket learning experience to their curriculum needs. By incentivising participation through rewards and character progression, Blooket leverages the gamification of education to make learning interactive and enjoyable, highlighting its blooket advantages over traditional methods.

Introduction to Blooket

Blooket is a revolutionary web-based learning platform that seamlessly blends quiz-style questions with captivating skill games. This innovative approach allows students to answer questions on their devices, earning points that can be redeemed for thrilling character-based games. By infusing learning with elements of gamification, Blooket creates an engaging and interactive experience that fosters a genuine sense of achievement through rewards and character progression.

One of Blooket’s standout features is its versatility. The platform is accessible from any device, making it a perfect fit for both in-class and remote learning scenarios. Whether you’re a teacher looking to liven up your lessons or a student seeking an engaging way to prepare for quizzes, Blooket offers a tutorial that guides you through the process of how to play the blooket game.

Blooket’s innovative approach to learning has revolutionised the way students engage with educational content, transforming the classroom into an immersive and rewarding experience.

Beyond its core functionality, Blooket boasts a range of benefits that set it apart from traditional learning platforms. For starters, it’s completely free to use, ensuring that every student has access to its engaging features. Moreover, while a Blooket account isn’t strictly necessary to play, creating one unlocks additional perks and personalisation options.

  • Blooket’s primary function is to gamify learning, making it an excellent tool for reinforcing concepts and knowledge retention.
  • Through its unique blend of quizzes and games, Blooket incentivises active participation and promotes a positive attitude towards education.
  • The platform’s customisable settings allow educators to tailor the experience to their specific classroom needs, ensuring an optimal learning environment.

What is Blooket and How to Use Blooket Play?

Blooket is an innovative educational platform that combines trivia-style quizzes with engaging game modes. Teachers can create or import question sets on various topics, and students join the game using a unique code provided by the teacher. As students answer questions correctly, they earn points that can be used to play various character-based games, reinforcing the learned concepts in a fun and interactive way.

One of the key features of Blooket is its user-friendly interface, which allows teachers to seamlessly create or import question sets. These sets can cover a wide range of subjects, catering to diverse educational needs. Teachers can also customise the game settings, including time limits, difficulty levels, and question order, to tailor the experience to their classroom.

For students, Blooket offers an engaging and rewarding learning experience. By joining the game using the provided code, they can participate in trivia-style quizzes on their devices. As they answer questions correctly, they earn points, which can be used to unlock and play various character-based game modes. These game modes not only serve as a reward but also reinforce the learned concepts through interactive gameplay.

what is blooket and how to use blooket play

Blooket’s game strategies encourage competition and collaboration among students, fostering a sense of achievement and motivation. The platform also offers blooket tutorials and strategies to help students and teachers maximize their experience and engage with the platform more effectively.

With its innovative approach to gamifying education, Blooket has truly revolutionized the way students learn and interact with course material.

Whether used in the classroom or for remote learning, Blooket provides a dynamic and immersive learning experience that captivates students’ attention while reinforcing key concepts. By leveraging the power of game features and character progression, Blooket makes learning an enjoyable and rewarding journey.

Key Features Description
Trivia-style Quizzes Teachers can create or import question sets on various topics, allowing students to answer questions and earn points.
Character-based Games Students can use their earned points to play engaging character-based games, reinforcing the learned concepts.
Customizable Settings Teachers can adjust game settings, question order, and difficulty levels to suit their teaching style and students’ needs.
Blooket Plus A premium subscription option that provides additional features, such as enhanced game reports and exclusive content.

With its innovative approach to gamifying education, Blooket has become a popular choice among teachers and students alike, offering a unique and engaging way to learn and reinforce concepts through competition and character progression.

Blooket’s Mission and Learning Approach

Blooket has embarked on a mission to revolutionise the way students learn by creating memorable experiences with classroom content. By gamifying the learning process, Blooket makes it enjoyable and effective, helping students retain information without realising they’re studying.

Memorable Learning Experiences

At the heart of Blooket’s approach lies the belief that engaging and interactive experiences lead to better retention and understanding. By transforming traditional classroom materials into captivating blooket games, Blooket ensures that students actively participate and remain motivated throughout the learning journey.

Engaging Game Modes

Blooket offers a variety of unique blooket game modes that keep students engaged and excited. From fast-paced trivia challenges to strategic tower defense games, there’s something for every learner. What’s more, Blooket regularly introduces limited-time seasonal and event modes, adding an element of surprise and anticipation to the platform.

Whether you’re a teacher seeking innovative ways to present blooket education materials or a student looking for blooket alternatives to traditional learning, Blooket’s engaging blooket games and blooket learning approach provide an immersive and rewarding experience.

With clear blooket guides and blooket tips available, getting started is a breeze. Simply blooket login and embark on a journey of discovery, where learning becomes an exciting adventure.

Getting Started with Blooket

Embarking on the captivating journey with Blooket is a breeze. To unlock the platform’s immersive learning experiences, users must first create an account. This straightforward process can be accomplished either by providing an email address or by conveniently signing up with a Google account.

Creating an Account

Establishing a presence on Blooket is as simple as navigating to the platform’s website and following the intuitive sign-up steps. Whether opting for email registration or leveraging the convenience of Google sign-in, users can swiftly gain access to the vast array of features and engaging blooket games.

Exploring the Dashboard

Once logged in, users are greeted by a comprehensive dashboard that serves as a centralised hub for all Blooket activities. This user-friendly interface provides a seamless overview of various elements, including personal statistics, owned characters (affectionately known as Blooks), news and updates, assigned homework, and a curated collection of created or favourited question sets.

blooket classroom

The Purple Toolbar

Navigating the blooket platform is made effortless with the help of the distinctive purple toolbar. This nifty feature serves as a command centre, granting users access to a plethora of functionalities. From creating and hosting engaging blooket games to exploring the vast repository of user-generated content, the purple toolbar is an indispensable companion throughout the Blooket experience.

Feature Description
Host Game Initiate a blooket game session as the host, allowing others to join using a unique code.
Join Game Participate in an existing blooket game by entering the provided join code.
Blooks Access the collection of owned Blooks and explore new characters to unlock.
Sets Discover, create, and manage question sets on various topics.

With an intuitive account setup process, a comprehensive dashboard, and the versatile purple toolbar, Blooket empowers users to seamlessly navigate its engaging features and unlock a world of interactive learning opportunities.

Playing Blooket Games

One of the most exciting aspects of Blooket is the opportunity to participate in engaging and interactive games. To join the fun, all you need is a unique blooket join code provided by your teacher or the game host.

Joining a Game

The process of joining a blooket game is straightforward. Your teacher or the host will share a six-digit code that you can enter on the Blooket website or app. Once you’ve entered the code, you’ll be prompted to choose a display name or nickname that will represent you in the game.

After selecting your name, you’ll be transported into the game lobby, where you can chat with other players and await the start of the game session.

Discovering Games

Blooket offers a wide variety of game modes, each with its own unique twist and gameplay mechanics. Some games may involve answering trivia questions to move your character across a board or compete in a race, while others may challenge you to solve puzzles or complete specific tasks.

Once the game begins, you’ll be presented with questions related to the subject matter or topic chosen by your teacher. Answering correctly will earn you points or rewards that you can use to progress in the game or unlock special abilities for your character.

The beauty of Blooket lies in its ability to combine learning with fun, making the educational experience both engaging and memorable.

Creating Custom Blooket Sets

Blooket offers a powerful Set Builder tool that allows teachers and users to create their own custom question sets. With this versatile feature, educators can tailor the learning experience to their specific classroom needs and objectives.

Set Builder

To begin, users must set a title and description for their new question set, upload an engaging cover image, and specify the privacy settings, determining whether the set will be public or private. The Set Builder interface provides a user-friendly environment for crafting engaging and challenging quizzes.

Blooket offers a powerful Set Builder tool

Importing Questions

Users have the flexibility to create their question sets from scratch, import questions from the popular Quizlet platform, or import a spreadsheet containing pre-existing questions. This feature allows for seamless integration of existing educational resources, saving valuable time and effort.

Customisation Options

When creating a set from scratch, Blooket’s Set Builder provides a range of customisation options to ensure a tailored learning experience. Users can:

  • Add individual questions with various question types
  • Set time limits for each question or the entire set
  • Randomise the question order to keep students engaged
  • Include relevant images to enhance understanding

With these powerful tools at their disposal, teachers and users can create custom question sets that align with their educational goals, promoting active learning and retention of key concepts.

Unlocking and Collecting Blooks

Blooks, the friendly characters that represent players in Blooket games, are a central part of the platform’s appeal. All users have access to a set of common Blooks, which include animals like dogs, cats, sheep, and owls. These common Blooks are free and cannot be sold, allowing every player to enjoy a diverse selection of characters right from the start.

Rarity Levels

In addition to the common Blooks, Blooket features a rarity system for collectible characters that players can acquire. These range from uncommon Blooks, which can be sold for $5, to rare Blooks valued at $20. For avid collectors, there are also epic and legendary Blooks, both priced at $75. The most coveted and elusive rarity level is the mystic Blooks, which command a steep price of $300.

Themed Boxes

To make the process of collecting Blooks even more engaging, Blooket offers themed boxes containing a selection of characters with varying rarities. These boxes, such as the Medieval, Wonderland, or Breakfast boxes, provide a curated collection of Blooks that share a common theme or design aesthetic. Blooks are the friendly characters that represent players in Blooket games, and acquiring new ones through these themed boxes adds an extra layer of excitement to the platform.

Whether you prefer the common, free Blooks or aim to amass a collection of rare and valuable characters, the act of unlocking and collecting these diverse avatars is a captivating aspect of the Blooket experience. With new Blooks and themed boxes regularly introduced, there is always an incentive to keep playing and expanding your collection.

Blooket’s Community and Events

Blooket boasts a thriving community of educators and learners who actively contribute to the platform. One of its standout features is the ability for users to create and share their own question sets, fostering a collaborative learning environment. This user-generated content promotes the exchange of fresh educational material, enriching the platform with diverse perspectives and subject matter.

User-Generated Content

Educators and students alike can leverage Blooket’s intuitive Set Builder tool to craft custom question sets tailored to specific learning objectives. These sets can then be shared publicly, allowing others to discover and utilise them, fostering a collaborative learning environment that promotes the exchange of fresh educational content. This user-driven approach ensures a constant influx of engaging and relevant material, catering to a wide range of educational needs.

Seasonal Events

To keep the community engaged and excited, Blooket hosts various seasonal events throughout the year. These events introduce limited-time game modes, new Blooks, giveaways, and tournaments, adding an element of excitement to the platform. By staying updated on upcoming events, users can take advantage of exclusive opportunities and enhance their overall Blooket experience, while also encouraging community participation and engagement.

Seasonal Events

Blooket’s vibrant community and commitment to fostering a collaborative learning environment are key driving forces behind its success. The user-generated content empowers educators and learners to shape the platform’s educational offerings, while seasonal events keep the experience fresh and engaging, promoting a sense of community and shared excitement.

Blooket’s Features and Benefits

Blooket’s gamification approach to learning is one of its key strengths, making the educational process both enjoyable and effective. By incorporating game elements such as character progression, rewards, and engaging game modes, students are motivated to actively participate and retain information through memorable experiences, fostering a positive attitude toward learning.

Gamification of Learning

Blooket’s gamification of learning sets it apart from traditional educational platforms. Through its unique game modes and rewarding system, students are incentivised to actively engage with the learning material. As they progress and earn rewards, they develop a sense of achievement, further reinforcing their motivation to continue learning.

Customisable Settings

One of the standout features of Blooket is its range of customisable settings. Educators can tailor the platform to suit their specific classroom needs, adjusting game settings, difficulty levels, question order, and time limits to align with their teaching style and their students’ learning preferences. This level of flexibility ensures that Blooket can be effectively integrated into various educational contexts, catering to diverse learning environments.

Detailed Reports

Blooket provides educators with detailed reports on students’ performance and progress. These reports offer insights into individual and class-wide understanding of the learning material, allowing teachers to identify areas that require additional attention. With this valuable feedback, educators can make informed decisions and adjustments to their teaching strategies, ultimately enhancing the overall learning experience.

Feature Description Benefit
Gamification Incorporates game elements like character progression and rewards Motivates students and makes learning enjoyable
Customisable Settings Adjustable game settings, difficulty levels, question order, and time limits Tailors the experience to specific classroom needs
Detailed Reports Provides insights into student performance and progress Helps educators identify areas for improvement and refine teaching strategies

Pricing and Subscription Options

Blooket offers a free tier that provides access to essential features such as creating and hosting games, unique game modes, question set search, and unlimited sets and edits. For those seeking additional benefits and features, Blooket offers two paid subscription options: Plus and Plus Flex.

  • Plus Subscription ($2.99 per month billed annually at $35.88): This subscription unlocks enhanced game reports, early access to events, exclusive features, student bonus tokens, the ability to copy and duplicate sets, and priority support.
  • Plus Flex Subscription ($4.99 per month, with the flexibility to cancel anytime): Similar to the Plus Subscription, this option offers the same features but with the added convenience of a monthly billing cycle, allowing users to cancel their subscription at any time.

By upgrading to one of the paid subscription options, users gain access to a range of advanced tools and capabilities that can further enhance their learning experience on Blooket.

Whether you choose to utilize the free tier or invest in a paid subscription, Blooket provides a comprehensive platform for creating and hosting games, unique game modes, question set search, and unlimited sets and edits, catering to diverse educational needs and preferences.

Tips and Strategies for Using Blooket

Blooket offers a wealth of features and customisation options to enhance the learning experience. By leveraging these tools, educators can create engaging lessons tailored to their students’ needs. One effective strategy for using Blooket is to search and adapt existing question sets created by other users, saving time and effort while allowing educators to focus on tailoring the content to their specific requirements.

Adapting Existing Question Sets

Blooket’s vast user-generated library of question sets covers a wide range of topics, making it easy to find pre-existing sets that align with your lesson objectives. By modifying and customising these sets, teachers can create engaging learning experiences quickly and efficiently, streamlining the content creation process.

Adjusting Game Speed

While many Blooket games emphasise speed, educators can adjust the game settings to remove this pressure from their students. By extending time limits or removing time constraints altogether, teachers can create a more relaxed and inclusive learning environment, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to participate and learn at their own pace.

Incentivising Participation

Blooket’s gamified approach naturally encourages student participation and engagement. However, educators can further incentivise participation by offering rewards or introducing friendly competitions. By modifying and customising existing question sets, teachers can create engaging learning experiences that motivate students to actively participate and retain information effectively.

Strategy Description Benefits
Adapting Existing Question Sets Search and modify pre-existing question sets created by other users. Saves time and effort, allows educators to focus on tailoring content.
Adjusting Game Speed Extend time limits or remove time constraints. Creates a relaxed and inclusive learning environment for all students.
Incentivising Participation Offer rewards or introduce friendly competitions. Motivates students to actively participate and retain information.


Blooket is a revolutionary educational platform that has successfully gamified the learning process, making it engaging, interactive, and effective. By combining trivia-style quizzes with unique game modes, Blooket motivates students to actively participate and retain information through memorable experiences. With its user-friendly interface, customisable settings, and vibrant community, Blooket empowers educators to create tailored learning experiences that cater to diverse learning styles and preferences.

Whether used in a classroom setting or for remote learning, Blooket offers a refreshing and enjoyable approach to education, fostering a love for learning in students of all ages. Its innovative blend of educational content and gamification elements makes Blooket a standout platform for both teachers and learners alike. By incentivising participation through rewards and character progression, Blooket has successfully transformed the learning experience into an engaging and memorable journey.


What is Blooket?

Blooket is an engaging educational platform that gamifies learning through quizzes and review games. It combines trivia questions with unique game modes, allowing students to compete on their own devices using a provided game code.

How do students play Blooket games?

Students join a Blooket game using a unique 6-digit code provided by their teacher or host. They can then enter their chosen name or display name to represent themselves in the game. As they answer questions correctly, they earn points to use in the integrated game modes.

How can teachers create custom quizzes on Blooket?

Teachers can create custom question sets using Blooket’s Set Builder. They can add individual questions, set time limits, randomise the question order, and include images. Teachers can also import questions from Quizlet or spreadsheets.

What are Blooks, and how can students collect them?

Blooks are friendly characters that represent players in Blooket games. Students can earn and collect Blooks by playing games and participating in events. Blooks range in rarity from common to mystic, with themed boxes containing a selection of Blooks at varying rarities.

Does Blooket have a free version?

Yes, Blooket offers a free tier that provides access to essential features such as creating and hosting games, unique game modes, question set search, and unlimited sets and edits.

How can teachers customise the Blooket experience for their classroom?

Blooket offers a range of customisable settings that allow educators to tailor the platform to their specific classroom needs. They can adjust game settings, difficulty levels, question order, and time limits to suit their teaching style and students’ learning preferences.

What strategies can teachers use to enhance the Blooket learning experience?

Teachers can adapt and modify existing question sets created by other users, adjust game speed to remove time pressure, and offer incentives to encourage participation and engagement.

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